Wenda Li


Department of Computer Science and Technology,

University of Cambridge,

William Gates Building,

15 JJ Thomson Avenue,

Cambridge CB3 0FD, UK

I am a research associate at University of Cambridge, working with Prof. Larry Paulson. My research interest includes

  • machine learning for theorem proving,
  • interactive theorem proving,
  • verified symbolic computing,
  • and mechanised mathematics.

I believe modern machine learning techniques will revolutionise the way people do mechanised proofs, so that we can build more reliable systems.

selected publications

  1. NeurIPS
    Thor: Wielding Hammers to Integrate Language Models and Automated Theorem Provers
    Albert Q Jiang, Wenda Li, Szymon Tworkowski, and 5 more authors
  2. ICML
    Lime: Learning inductive bias for primitives of mathematical reasoning
    Yuhuai Wu, Markus N Rabe, Wenda Li, and 3 more authors
    In International Conference on Machine Learning, 2021
  3. ICLR
    IsarStep: a Benchmark for High-level Mathematical Reasoning
    Wenda Li, Lei Yu, Yuhuai Wu, and 1 more author
    In International Conference on Learning Representations, 2021
  4. JAR
    Evaluating winding numbers and counting complex roots through Cauchy indices in Isabelle/HOL
    Wenda Li, and Lawrence C Paulson
    Journal of Automated Reasoning 2020
  5. JAR
    Deciding univariate polynomial problems using untrusted certificates in Isabelle/HOL
    Wenda Li, Grant Olney Passmore, and Lawrence C Paulson
    Journal of Automated Reasoning, 2019